Our Story

The idea of offering jewelry for purchase never really occurred to Julie, the Chief Creative Designer at JuleRee. In fact, she was content pursuing her passion project out of her home studio located in Ottawa, Canada. She even shared her knowledge and skills with her niece who quickly caught the jewelry-making bug. This freedom allowed her to experiment with various media, inks, paints, settings and findings- making the creative process truly organic.

It wasn’t until Julie connected online with a fellow artist, did she consider selling her pieces to others. Betsy, a mixed-media artist herself based out of the United States, was impressed with Julie’s designs and encouraged her to start, at the very least initially, a Facebook page to feature some of her creations. On a whim Julie came up with the name “JuleRee,” which is a play on words (jewel-ry) and mimics her first name. It stuck. Short and sweet.

Initially the Facebook page featured a handful of designs. Without promoting or boosting the page, new likes and followers came slowly to check out her wares.  Pieces started to sell with many purchasers coming back for new designs. Buyers were happy with their pieces and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Customers loved that their piece was the only one like it and felt good knowing they were hand-crafted individually and made with attention to detail.

In response to response, Julie ventured into the realm of diversifying her pieces. She began working with resin and other elements. To compliment her jewelry selection, she began to offer other unique handcrafted pieces such as keychains, signs, mini planters, display trays, and jewelry boxes- all created in her studio. As pieces are each made individually and not in a factory, and are not mass-produced, extra-special attention is given to each piece of wearable art.

JuleRee’s mission is to offer unique, handcrafted jewelry to everyone making each piece “wearable joy.” The same passion and energy devoted to creating JuleRee, is the same good feeling you will experience when you wear one of these truly special pieces.